The Year of Elections 2024

By Gordon Brennan

As I am sure you will know, this is the year of an extraordinary number of national elections.  We will look at two of them.  I use the chart for the opening of the polling stations to judge the outcome and it seems to work quite well.  Occasionally polling stations in one country open at varying times, due to a number of time zones in the same large country for example, but that is not common.  With the UK election on 4th July, I thought it was too close to comment as many people will not read this until that same day or later.  In the progressed UK chart (not shown) Jupiter Dasha has just ended and Saturn is beginning, so the outcome is obvious.  Saturn brings in the Labour Party.  However, the start of Saturn Dasha often brings difficulties.

At the end of June and beginning of July this year there are 2 elections taking place, with part in June and part in July, that is in Iran and France.  I have already predicted the winner of the vote on 28th June in Iran correctly, but now because the turnout and the votes are so low overall there needs to be a second vote on 5th July, a run-off to decide which of two candidates will be president.  The two charts for the election and run off have the same ascendant, but being a week apart, they are very different.  Here is the first one, followed by its Navamsa.   (Please refer to the end of the article for all of the North Indian charts)

Sun in 12th is weak, affected by anti-hardliners Mercury and Venus.  Mercury -Karaka for elections,- does not function well in the 12th.  4th lord Venus is also comfortable in the 12th, so a lot of people just stayed home.  You would think that Mars in 10th in Aries with very high Astakavarga points is a clear-cut result for the hardliners, but that did not happen for several reasons.

1. Kuja Stambhana by Rahu, 2. Garland Yoga from Saturn to Mercury gives both left leaning Saturn and Mercury power.  3. Venus is challenging Mars – they are both on 19 degrees and Venus in the lower position is a bit stronger.  4.  Rahu and Moon in 9th with Jupiter influencing the ascendant does not favour extreme views and the 9th and 12th houses promote international matters, rather than just domestic. 5. Rahu and Sun are considered to be on the same degree (30.00 – 17.12 = 12.48), so Sun, Karaka for president, is affected by Rahu.  They are connected by Rasi aspect anyway.  6.  Saturn is fine in the 8th with Sarala Yoga and its aspect is also restraining Mars.  7. Ketu in 3rd indicates some different result from normal in the election.

Yogakaraka Venus is exalted in Pisces Navamsa above in the 3rd house of electoral matters and the full Moon should give a clear expression of the will of the people.  Sun is also aspected by Rahu and Jupiter.

Above here is the chart for the run-off vote between the new candidate – the moderate – Pezeshkian and the hardliner – Jalili.  Note that Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Jupiter all aspect Scorpio in both Rasi charts.  Scorpio holds the Arudha Lagna in the first Rasi chart, but not in the 2nd.  Whereas Mars and Rahu could not really afflict Mercury in the earlier chart, they can now.

There are no clashes in degrees shown in the chart, but actually Saturn (now retrograde) and Mars are really a bit too close.  Mars is again afflicted by both Saturn and Rahu – a Shraddha Yoga.  In both Rasi charts for the elections, the tenth house, where Mars has directional strength, has enormous points in Ashtakavarga,  Mars and Rahu are now both aspecting Mercury in the ascendant, while Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter all aspect Scorpio, again the 5th house of royal affairs, enjoyment of the people and the future prospects for Iran.  Fortunately Jupiter is now protecting the Arudha Lagna in Taurus.

In the previous Navamsa chart Mars was not well placed in Virgo in the 9th house, where it was aspected by Jupiter and Venus, which subdued it somewhat.  Here it is very powerful in its own sign Scorpio and it is a Maraka lord enjoying a Yama Yoga with Saturn, so it has much more potential to cause damage.  The hardliners in Iran will be plotting how they can overturn the first election result.  Ketu is also disturbing here in the 4th house.

In my last article I showed the Jyeshtha month’s New Moon in Taurus chart.

Both elections in Iran come under the time of this chart, when all planets aspect Scorpio, so Scorpio is extremely full of energy.  The next New Moon in Gemini begins the month of Ashadha.   You do not really need to see the chart, just look back to the Rasi chart of the second election above and place the ascendant right next to Jupiter.  That is the main difference, as the New Moon happens later on that same day.  We must hope that the hardliners do not do too much damage before Jupiter’s calming influence gets strengthened.

Both Iran’s and France’s birth charts have Cancer ascendants.  The normal Vimshottari Dasha for Iran has Jupiter Moon (both exalted) changing to Jupiter Mars on 2nd July (Jupiter in Cancer and Mars with Mercury and Sun in Pisces).  This says that the activity of the hardliners is going to rise.

France Elections

Whereas both elections in Iran are in the same lunar month, the elections in France happen one in each month.

The decision by President Macron to call the election was seen as a kind of desperate measure to try to regain some control after the elections to the European Parliament were very disappointing for his party, which was overwhelmed by Marine Le Pen’s far right National Rally.  It is a gamble no doubt.  What can we see from the chart?  Mars has the support of the Moon now and the situation between Mars and Venus has reversed from June 28th, with Mars in the lower degree causing more trouble to Venus.  Venus is 4th lord of home security, where the Arudha Lagna is, and Venus is combust.  As 11th lord it also has a very negative energy.  When all planets excluding the nodes are in 5 houses this is called Pasha Yoga and it is ruled by Venus, which is another disturbing factor here.  The ruler of this yoga should not be combust.

Another thing which is going to cause some trouble in the country is that the solar day of the election, Sunday and the lunar day, 9th Tithi, are both ruled by the Sun in the 12th, its worst house.  It is not good to have both types of day ruled by the same planet.  In addition Vargottama Mercury, the Karaka for elections, is on the same Lagna degree as in the founding chart for the French 5th Republic in 1958, so it will have a very powerful effect on this sensitive point.  This may have caused the high turnout for voting.  Mercury is 3rd lord, Karaka for elections.  It is aspected by Mars and Rahu, a disturbing yoga when Mercury is so strong here.

The Vimshottari Dasha for France now is Mercury Rahu.  In the 1958 chart of France both Mercury and Rahu are in the 3rd in Virgo with Sun and Venus and Mercury is totally combust.  The 9th (in the current chart) is Rahu’s worst house, but Rahu may be somewhat restrained by the gentle energy of Pisces.  The 10th house is still the strongest in Ashtakavarga.  The Shraddha Yoga on the 1st and 10th lords is also disturbing.  You can see why the French have been so animated by this election.  The most dangerous effect is Saturn, Rahu and Mars all afflicting the 8th house Moon together.  A cursed Moon is very bad for any chart.

Here is the Navamsa chart.  Moon and Venus in the 8th aspected by Mars and Rahu is very difficult.  More anger is likely.

The next vote in France is on 5th July.  Here is the chart.

The aspects of Rahu and Mars onto the high Rajas energy of Venus and Mercury in Rajas or moveable sign Cancer, which also comes at the front of the Garland Yoga from Aquarius – and in the natural ascendant of the French 5th republic – will cause a great build up of emotion.  It looks like the National Rally will not get an overall majority, but that means that centrist President Macron stays in charge of foreign affairs while his right wing opponents run almost everything else, not a peaceful situation.

The Navamsa shows a much stronger position for the Sun in the 10th house of the Rasi chart.  The president will emerge stronger in some way.  Currently the left and centre parties are cooperating to try to prevent the National Rally from becoming the party of government.  Where there are three candidates for a seat, about 150 of them have resigned so that the anti National Rally vote is not split.

The Chaitra Shukla chart for this year shows that the King of the Year is Saturn and the chief Minister is Mars, a dire combination. This year is called Krodhin (anger), so whatever the result of the election there will be a lot of anger at the result.


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