2021 BAVA Conference May 3



3rd May at 13.00 Jaya Sekhar: Vedic Ashrama Dharma.

3rd May at 15.00 Sarbani Rath: Khādya Prakaraṇa: A Planetary Guide to Remedial Eating

3rd May at 17.00 Komilla Sutton: Trimshamsha



3rd May at 13.00 Jaya Sekhar: Vedic Ashrama Dharma.

Wellbeing means to be healthy mentally and physically and capable of being so till the last breath. Belief in certain values in life is one way to achieve this. A life without belief in any values is a valueless life. Ashrama Dharma enables one to develop the right values of life. In this conference I explain how the Ashrams help the process.

3rd May at 15.00 Sarbani Rath: Rishi Guidance for Healing the Mind

Humans beings were created by rishis (the holy ones/seers). Our bodies and minds are protected by them. They guide our souls in the final emancipation to ultimate union with the divine. They exist even during the darkest hours when the universe is annihilated. The ten manasaputras (mind-born sons) of Brahma play a significant role in healing our minds. This lecture will seek to identify our personal rishis in the horoscope who will guide us towards well being and mental healing.

3rd May at 17.00 Komilla Sutton: Trimshamsha

Trimshamsha D30 varga deals with the shad ripu or the six weaknesses of Man that are acquired through many lifetimes but become habitual behaviour patterns. The weakness and the strengths of the panchamahabhuta, the five great elements, are exposed. Their effect on the physical body and consequently on the spiritual body.

This varga focuses on the issues of the sixth house and the obstacles we will meet. How our weakness can influence the mind negatively; learning to counterbalance the weakness brings balance in life. Trimshamsha links to past karma, specifically the karma that we need to deal in this life – all of which may not be negative.

This lecture will dig deep into this very important Varga and reveal the hidden depths connected to health and healing.