Chaitra Shukla charts – some thoughts for 2024

By Gordon Brennan

When the Sun and the Moon meet on the same longitude in Pisces then the chart for this meeting is consulted to see the planetary influences in the coming year. I am not proposing to examine 2024’s chart in detail just yet – this would be  pre-empting a BAVA webinar which will be on March 17th.

When examining a chart, it is good to keep in mind the Sankhya Yogas, or how many signs are occupied by planets (not counting Rahu or Ketu). In general, the wider the distribution of the planets the more favourable the results and vice versa.

Thus all planets in one sign as happened in 1962 was a dire yoga (read from Lagna), all planets in two signs – a very poor yoga (Saturn), all planets in three signs – aggressive (Mars), all planets in four signs, tricky but can be very good (Mercury), all planets in five signs  – full of desire (Venus), all planets in 6 signs – benevolent, expansive – (Jupiter) and all planets in 7 signs – skilful, wealthy, musical (Moon).  Dr. Charak says that if all the planets are in the same type of sign (moveable, fixed or dual) then that type of yoga would be more significant. That is called Ashraya Yoga, but it is not very common.

The frequency of the Sankhya Yogas is also of interest. All planets in:

1 sign – Gola Yoga – very approximately once in 400 to as much as once in 8000 years

2 signs – Yuga Yoga – the last 2 instances at the time of the Chaitra Shukla chart were 100 years apart.

3 signs – Shula Yoga with Chaitra Shukla chart  – 23 over 200 years from 1850-2050.  From 1850 – 1950 (100 years) there were only 8.  From 1953 – 2013 (60 years) there were another 8. From 2018 – 2029 (11 years), there are 6. Instead of one every 12 years we have one every 2 years – 6 times as frequent. After 2029 the frequency goes back to normal.

This aggression that is taking place now is due to karma, past actions. The best policy is to find freedom through real spirituality. Advaita philosophy or the philosophy of unity is worth studying. The key is the Sanskrit language. Finding freedom through spirituality is said to be easiest in the Kali Yuga.

4 signs – Kedara Yoga – tricky but this can indicate very good influences including an interest in gardening and agriculture, as it ruled by Mercury.  As Mercury takes the middle slot this is the most common.

5 signs – Pasha Yoga.  Pasha is a noose, so this shows getting entrapped by desire for the beautiful life. This is also quite common, much more than planets in just 3 signs.

6 signs – Dama or Damini Yoga.  The effect of Dama Yoga is expansive or charitable. It bodes well for all.

7 signs – Veena Yoga.  Because Sun and Moon come together in Pisces, the 7-planet Yoga never happens in the Chaitra Shukla chart.

A rough guide to matters is useful, as it can influence you to check details in a particular area or time. For example, Kala Sarpa Yoga – all planets hemmed in by Rahu and Ketu (including if they are anywhere in the same sign as the nodes) might happen about every 9.3 years with the Chaitra Shukla charts. It is actually much less common than that, because of the wide movements of all the planets preventing it a lot of the time.

But Kala Sarpa Yogas happened on each year of the recent pandemic – for 4 years in a row from 2019 – 2022 inclusive. The only time it has done that before in the CS (Chaitra Shukla) chart, in these years we are looking at, was during the 4 years from 1936-1939 inclusive, which culminated in the 2nd World War.

There are of course many other ways in which war comes about. In 1917, when the USA entered the 1st World War, there was a Shula Yoga in the CS chart. In 1941, when the Japanese launched their assault on Pearl Harbour, their CS chart had Maraka Mars exalted exactly on the cusp of the 11th house in Capricorn while its lord Saturn was in Aries.

There perhaps is a demonstration of the puzzling adage that the exception proves the rule.

Major problems and events show up in different ways. Another example is that when Russia decided to invade Ukraine the Chaitra Shukla chart had Gandanta Sun and Moon on the same degree as Mars, which was with Rahu in 3rd house of neighbours and short journeys.  Mars Rahu is a fierce energy.

It is useful to familiarise yourself with how the planetary positions show the events. Follow if you can any or even each important event whose precise start time you can easily find. Learn how the rules of Vedic Astrology, which you are taught or which you glean from books or from the internet describe what is happening in the world. See them in practice.

The horoscope of every major event shows what is happening. For example, if different countries have different impacts from the same event, their charts will reflect those matters. Each time the ascendant changes the Arudha Lagna changes too.

A simple example that has just happened in January. At 11.00 am UK time on 19th January 2024 it was announced that the Tata blast furnaces in Port Talbot, Wales would both close down. Unfortunate news for the Welsh with 12th lord Rahu close to Pisces ascendant in Port Talbot, Wales and with Rahu in Lagna aspected by Maraka lord Mars . The chart below is set for Cardiff, representing the whole of Wales.
But move the ascendant to London, and there is a beautiful 4th and 9th lord Gajakesari Yoga in the ascendant, with 5th lord Sun with good direction in 10th house. Jupiter and Moon are of course afflicted by Saturn and Rahu – closing down energy, but for the whole of the UK there can be a new start with a fine energy. How do Jupiter and Moon fend off aspects of Rahu and Saturn? Elephant and lion Yoga vs pig and bear? No contest really! The plants were losing money and were destructive to the environment. Better technology can now be employed.
There is a very interesting year ahead. The Icon of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built, has just been launched while there is a planetary war between Mars and Mercury. This is also the year of elections, all over the world. The UK should have a general election in the autumn. The USA election is due to happen on November 5th and sometime near then there should be a USA manned mission to the Moon. Watch this space!