Beginners Course in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the oldest known astrological system in the world. It has been passed down orally in the Sanskrit language for thousands of years and written down only comparatively recently.

Vedic Astrology is a spiritual science, which delights not only the mind but the heart. It is known as Jyotisha, or the study of light.

The course will outline this science both for beginners and for those who have learned via modern astrology.

As well as basic astrological calculations and rules you will be introduced to the profound mythology of India, whose stories tell the laws of astrology and you will be shown how to methodically examine a chart using these simple techniques.

Contents of the Course

Week 1  Comprehensive overview of the science and introduction to the philosophy of Vedic astrology, the role of mythology, numerology and the theory of Karma.
Week 2  Basic Astronomy for astrologers
Week 3  The astrological chart and the planets.
Week 4  The twelve signs of the Zodiac.
Week 5  The twelve houses and the ascendant.
Week 6  Nakshatras or lunar constellations (part one)
Week 7  Nakshatras (part 2) and Yogas.
Week 8  Timing of events – the Dashas and rules for transits.
Week 9  Additional measurements – navamsha the 9th division or harmonic. Introduction to Panchang in birth charts
Week 10  Synthesis (part 2) Interpretation of famous charts.

The notes for each lesson will be emailed to you.

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