Tsunami Dec 26th 2004

komilla sutton
Komilla Sutton

by Komilla Sutton

DATA 26 December 2004 at 7:59, local time, Epicentre near Meulaboh, Indonesia 96º8’E, 4º9’ N, +7:00 Hrs GMT.

Usually eclipses trigger earthquakes. The eclipses in Scorpio Taurus axis that began in 2001, but most importantly the one of 4th December 2002, were the key indicators of this disaster. The December 2002 eclipse spanned the Indian Ocean and was visible in Indonesia at 18 degree 4’ Scorpio. Two other eclipses also gave signals although they were not visible in this region.

Usually when eclipses are not visible, the disaster strikes unexpectedly with devastating consequences. The eclipse of 31 May 2003 was at 15 Degree 25’, Rahu Ketu at 5 degrees 10’ Taurus Scorpio Axis and the final eclipse in this axis was on 23 November 2003 at 7 degrees 19’Scorpio.

tsunamiOn 26th December 2004 – the full Moon was at 4 degrees 16’ Gemini, in exact trine with Ketu in Libra. Moon was in Mrigasira Nakshatra, debilitated and conjunct Ketu in the 12th house in Navamsha.

Full Moon is usually a time for high tides, Vishti, a poisonous time, was the karana and Mars, the Bhumi(earth) karaka is at 6 degrees 19’ applying conjunction to the eclipse degrees of November 2002 eclipse and ending conjunction with Rahu and Ketu of the May 2003 eclipse.

It is the role that Venus and Mercury play that acted as a further trigger. Venus, the significator for Water was at 17 degrees 43’ (applying to the 2002 eclipse) and Mercury was at 18 degrees 50’ (just finished the exact conjunction of the 2002 eclipse). Mercury appears to play significant roles in disasters natural and otherwise. (See the chart of September11, 2001 New York).

Rising lagna was Sagittarius for the Tsunami, its ruler Jupiter, in the 10th house made this earthquake of gigantic proportions. In the navamsha Jupiter is with Saturn and Sun in the 8th house.

For further analysis on eclipses and their paths go to https://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov

Komilla Sutton

Komilla is the Chairperson of BAVA. Her website is www.komilla.com