Annual Tithi Pravesh for BAVA

By Gordon Brennan

The technique called Tithi Pravesh has come down to us from ancient Vedic Astrology. It is less well known today than Varshaphal for examining a chart annually but is actually easier to use. The principle is very simple. The exact relationship between the Sun and Moon at birth is repeated a year later and so on each year. The resultant chart is used to examine the year to come.

The chart will occur in the month of birth, but not often on the same date or day of the week. Unlike Varshaphal, you can use all the normal rules for examining the chart.

I had thought I would write about the Tithi Pravesh for 2024 for BAVA. Then I realised that with 2023 being such a difficult year, I should first look at the past year. I don’t remember anyone writing about the Tithi Pravesh a year ago. Perhaps somebody looked and thought it better to say nothing?

First of all here is the chart for BAVA’s foundation in 1996.

Tithi no 7 in the waxing cycle is 99.45% completed, which gives some permanent difficulty with the water element.  The angular difference between Sun and Moon is almost 84 degrees, or nearly 7 x 12 as the separation from the Sun by the Moon proceeds at 12 degrees per day.  The tremendous strength of the 5th house has produced great results for BAVA.  But the 8th house which has Turagadi Yoga (Saturn & Ketu), Shraddha Yoga (Saturn and Rahu), Pisacha Yoga (Rahu & Mars’ aspects) and Vipareeta Raja Yoga (6th lord in 8th) has not surprisingly given difficulties.  We are now nearing the end of Saturn Vimshottari Dasa and there were difficulties when it started.  The next Dasha is Mercury, starting in 2025.  Mercury is in the 10th house from Saturn, so 10th house matters are being affected by the change of Dasha.  Eventually there will be a good result indicated by those planets in Sagittarius.

This is the Tithi Pravesh chart for 2023 (technically it is for 2022 as BAVA was established in December at the end of the year).

Here are some observations:

Retrograde Mars in Taurus Lagna is not good at all. Mars does not function well in Taurus. Mars rules 7th so some relationship breakdown can happen.

Venus is defeating Mercury in a war in the presence of Badhak lord Saturn. 9th house is consulted for good fortune  It is not really there, although Saturn is in his own house, so stability remains  9th house here can also be about some far away matter involving accountants and legal struggles. Venus is Lagna lord. It will win the war, so BAVA will remain intact somehow.

10th lord Rahu is in the 12th house  A foreign country will be involved. Remember that Saturn is also 10th lord in the 9th house and 9th house shows something distant.

Jupiter and Moon in 11th house gives Gajakesari Yoga, but they are too close.  They are within one degree.  Moon does not like to engage in war, but it is there in some form.  Some replacement is indicated.  11th house is the wider circle of friends, so this affected BAVA members directly.  A very good sign was that Jupiter was in Pisces and the chart happened on a Thursday.

Sun on 13.38 degrees is in a struggle with Rahu.  Rahu’s degree in this calculation is 30 degrees minus 16.10, which equals 13.50.  Sun in 8th aspected by Rahu and Mars is being seriously threatened.  Sun is 4th lord and is opposed to 10th lord.  Peace should be reestablished as Sun can overtake Rahu, having a lower degree than it.  Rahu in Pisces, natural 12th house, could show an agreement, but in Aries it is difficult.

Ketu in 6th shows a strain, but the break is avoided somehow, even with the aspect of Saturn.

Venus is 1st and 6th lord in 9th.  For Taurus Lagna Venus is both lord and enemy.  The same happens for Scorpio Lagna with Mars.

Mercury has Kedara Yoga, meaning that it should be upright and truthful, but then it is retrograde and defeated in a war.

Sun is 4th lord in 8th so some matter of BAVA’s security will be very important.

All these matters came to pass.  BAVA nearly went to America, the project foundered, the treasurer retired, relationships were strained and there was nearly a breakdown, but it held intact.

2024 is already looking to be a very difficult year globally.  I wonder how BAVA’s prospects appear.

Another powerful chart with struggles is shown.

The well-placed planets around the ascendant shows that BAVA will be in a leading position.  Ketu in 11th adds to this effect.  4th house Saturn with Sasa Yoga and Moon in 4th shows strength and also leadership.  Mars in 1st house has Ruchaka Yoga and is right on the ascendant.  But Venus is on the same degree in the 12th house.  So a challenge from overseas is to be expected.  Rahu and Sun are again in a battle.  As 10th lord that is a battle for control of BAVA.  Jupiter and Mercury are too close, so there could be another vote.  Moon is very strong in 4th and the chart happens on a Monday, which gives it a very good energy.  Mars and Saturn are in a powerful Yama Yoga.  They may be strong enough to prevent change, but I am not certain of it.  It suggests a stuck situation.

Jupiter at least is looking after the financial matters well. (9th aspect on 2nd house).  Moon is in 4th with Saturn gives Pravrajya Yoga , Ketu in 11th in Virgo. is a spiritual Yoga. 12th lord Venus in 12th house has an important role with Vimala Yoga, another spiritual influence, but it also has Pasha Yoga, which is much more worldly.  The 7th house is empty and its lord Venus is in its own sign – better for relationships this time. The aspect of Rahu and Saturn on Mars does not bode well, but then Jupiter, Saturn and Moon aspect the 10th house, so at least that is free of nodal aspect.  The 10th house of this chart is also BAVA’s original ascendant, aspected by those same planets.