BAVA aims to promote knowledge of Vedic Astrology


BAVA increases awareness of this ancient science through webinars, courses, workshops and annual conferences in the UK.

BAVA advocates the deeper spiritual aspects which Vedic Astrology can offer.

BAVA is a non-profit making organisation.

2023 Conference Theme: Rahu and Ketu April 22nd-May 8th 

The Principal speaker will be Sanjay Rath with Andrew Foss, Sarbani Rath, Visti Larsen, Komilla Sutton, Vijay Goel, Bill Sinclair, Vijaya Subramanian, Raman Suprajarama, Niranjan Babu, Keiko Ito, Paul Barker, Ksanati, Geoffrey Pearce, Gordon Brennan and Pandit Samavedula. 

BAVA 2023 International Conference Programme

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