2023 BAVA 26th International Conference Programme

Dates  22-24 April, 28-30 April,  1 May, 7-8 May 2023

Bookings are now closed. These talks will be available to buy by the end of May once you become a member of BAVA.

Outstanding speakers:

The Principal speaker will be Sanjay Rath with Andrew Foss, Sarbani Rath, Visti Larsen, Komilla Sutton, Vijay Goel, Bill Sinclair, Vijaya Subramanian, Raman Suprajarama, Niranjan Babu, Keiko Ito, Paul Barker, Ksanati, Geoffrey Pearce, Gordon Brennan, Dhilip Kumar and Pandit Samavedula.

April 22 Saturday

13:00 Sanjay Rath Keynote: Svarbhānu Knowing Rahu

Part-A: Vedic World: The lord of the dark energy that will ultimately destroy the Sun one day and drag it into the black hole is the mighty स्वर्भानु (svarbhānu). There are the eight mighty light sources called aṣṭa-vasava and to counter them are the eight equally mighty dark sources called aṣṭa-asura. Svarbhānu is one among these mighty ones. Let us know the many times Svarbhānu manifested, (2) how Vishnu split him with the sudarśana chakra and its implications, (3) the power of the two devarṣi Atri and Nārada in this regard.

15:00 Pandit Samavedula: Navagraha with Guru Chandala Shanti Puja and talk 

This puja and talk is especially focused on afflictions of Rahu on Jupiter and other planets.

17:00 Visti Larsen: Rahu Bhava

Study of Rahu placement in different bhavas. When does Rahu protect a bhava and when does he hurt it? For which purpose does Rahu protect/hurt, and how does this shape our experience?

April 23 Sunday

13:00 Sarbani Rath: Rahupati Vs. Subhapati

Rahu eclipses the Sun, hence the rasi occupied by Rahu becomes the source of problem. Rahu will dominates that rasi and has the power to subdue the light of that sign. The lord of that sign, or Rahupati is the messenger of darkness, who delivers this evil. Whereas the Moon sign lord or the Subhapati, is the harbinger of auspiciousness and stability, who single-handedly can demolish even a Kemadruma Yoga and deliver the Yoga.

15:00 Vijay Goel: Rahu – Ketu Transit and its implications in horoscope

This lecture will give Rahu/Ketu transit results on houses and planets, taking its main concepts from Brighu Nandi Nadi, C S Patel’s works, and many more texts.

17:00 Komilla Sutton: Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala Sarpa yoga happens when Rahu Ketu hem in the planets, their impact can be intense in our natal chart. It is not about success or failure but an inner angst that the person struggles with. We can experience Kala Sarpa yoga by transit too – it can happen quite often and the world struggles and so do we as we try to maintain our balance.

19:00 Bonus: Shri Jyoti Star software demonstration

April 24 Monday

13:00 Sanjay Rath: Svarbhānu: Knowing Rahu

Part-B: (1) Differences between the therianthropic form of Rahu and Ketu creatures – some examples and how to see them in charts. (2) Manifestation of Svarbhanu in divisional charts where the nodes conjoin (Therianthropic = animal/human mix)

15:00 Pandit Samavedula: Remedies for Rahu and Ketu. 

This talk unfolds the Vedic remedies of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn and their transits especially over the Ascendant and the Moon. Also, with respect to challenges such as Dasha Chidra or the transit into Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Dashas. This includes the last sub-period of the previous Dasha.

17:00 Andrew Foss: Rahu’s Special Aspects

Like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Rahu has several special aspects. Uniquely, Rahu aspects the 12th from itself, which appears as a second house aspect. This aspect is its most challenging and must not be overlooked.

April 28 Friday

13:00 Sanjay Rath: Chara karaka Rahu Part-1: Rahu as the desire causing rebirth

Rahu can be any of the eight charakāraka related to the existence of jīvātman. How does this impact the chart? We examine not only its different significations but also its placement and lordships of houses to delineate the results

15:00 Plenary

Hot topics with comments by our faculty.

17:00 Bill Sinclair: Hot Takes on Nodal Controversies

Rahu and Ketu are mysterious and do not follow the normal rules of jyotish interpretation. How do they impact houses and signs? Where are they exalted and debilitated? And what can we expect from them in their Dasa period? We will find out what the classic texts reveal and use that as a basis to examine charts of famous people to see them in action.

April 29 Saturday

13:00 Gordon Brennan: Rahu Kalanal Chakras

There are many Kalanal Chakras such as Surya, Chandra, etc.  Rahu Kalanal Chakras are used for predicting the result of a war, or a fight or competition or sport of some kind.  Kalanal means ’Fire at the end of the Yuga’.  This Chakra shows the outcome of a journey and is read by placing the Nakshatras on a grid, somewhat similar to Sarvatobhadra Chakra, but where only Rahu’s effect is seen.  Rahu Kalanal Chakra has four forms, so we shall look at each of them and see what they can show.

15:00  E K Dhilip Kumar: Rahu/Ketu – The anti-dharma axis

The interaction between the Sun and the Moon produces the Rahu Ketu axis.  It is something that gives us a different perception of our world. We feel we are invincible and exaggerate, lie, confuse others, and imagine that the false is the truth.  Sin and Rahu are almost synonymous.  Reason is that the false ego the bloated ego, eventually leads us to commit sins.  Over a birth we accumulate so much in a particular area of life that Rahu in the next birth occupies the axis on which so much obsession was and therefore it points to suffering in that area. In this way, the Rahu-Ketu axis is indicative of sin or ’anti-dharma’.

17:00 Geoffrey Pearce: The Effect of Rahu’s Maha Dasha in the Lives of Nations

Synopsis:  Nations experience times of extreme upheavals and times of recovery often during their Rahu Maha Dasha.  The turning point is usually Rahu/Ketu sub-period. In this lecture, several nations’ charts will be considered to see how events played out historically and may do so for those currently experiencing this Dasha.

April 30 Sunday

13:00 Sanjay Rath:  Chara karaka Rahu Part-2: Rahu Yoga and Bhoga

15:00 Komilla Sutton: Rahu and Ketu in the Vargas

There are seven Vargas where Rahu Ketu are together. We need to understand their karmic impact in our life. Rahu Ketu togetherness in the Vargas becomes more intense when it is with other planets, in Dusthana or in the lagna. How to interpret them in the natal chart and when is their impact most powerful.

17:00 Vijaya Subrananiam: Rahu and Free Will

Rahu is in-charge of bringing us back to the earth and he is the owner or has great influence on the trik houses – he exalts in the natural 3rd house of Gemini, has his office in Virgo and owns the 11th, which are associated with Upachaya or growth houses and thus intimately associated with free will.

May 1 Monday

13:00 Sanjay Rath:  New research on Marana Karaka Sthana, Part 1

Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) is a certain house position of a planet that can be associated with death but can also bring profound benefits. The impact on one’s mental state is one topic in these two-lecture series.

15:00 Raman Suprajaraman:  Supercharge your career with Fascinating Ketu

Ketu is moksha karaka. Ketu is gnana karaka. The position of Ketu helps you make career decisions that do not help in career growth, but also rewards you with fame and wealth. This lecture will share a rare technique that can be used to supercharge your careers. This session can be attended by those with basic knowledge of Jyotisha.

17:00 Keiko Ito: Born around Eclipses
Being born around the timing of an eclipse can bring all sorts of strange behaviour triggered by fears and confusion, but also a lot of success. This talk will examine charts to explain how a prenatal or postnatal eclipse can influence a chart.

May 7 Sunday

13:00 Sanjay Rath:  New research on Marana Karaka Sthana, Part 2

Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) is a certain house position of a planet that can be associated with death but can also bring profound benefits. The impact on one’s mental state is one topic in these two-lecture series.

15:00 Paul Barker:  Rahu and Calamitous Fires

We will be discussing and comparing the charts of the fires at Notre Dame de Paris on 15 April 2019 (4th anniversary) and the earlier inferno at York Minster on 9 July 1984, and with reference to the karmic axis.

17:00 Ksanati:  Rahu’s Position in All 27 Nakshatras: An Alternative Approach to Planetary Dignity

This lecture will focus on Rahu’s position in each of the 27 Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras. This is based on an alternative approach to planetary dignity for the nodes especially Rahu based on its position in each Nakshatra, versus Rashi. When Identifying Rahu’s position in each Nakshatra we will focus on understanding its relative Nakshatra Dignity, as well as the type of lessons and Karma’s that Nakshatra creates for Rahu. Looking at Nakshatra Devata, Ruling Planet of Nakshatra, and other key Aspects can help us understand how Rahu will function both favorably and unfavorably in each Nakshatra.

May 8 Monday

13:00 Niranjan Babu: Guru Chandala Yoga and Vastu Shastra

Guru Chandala is a Jupiter Rahu conjunction; we will study this from Vedic Architecture or Vastu.

15:00 Sarbani Rath: Mokṣa Karaka Ketu  

The Agni-svarūpa, Mahātejā, Mahāghorā, Rudra-rūpī Ketu, who has the power to crush the nakshatras and kill the planets, who holds the supreme ability to cause destruction, chaos, poverty, accidents, homelessness, widowhood in human lives – is lauded as the giver of kaivalya and the significator of mokṣa by Maharṣi Jaimini. It indicates the markers of high spirituality in notable horoscopes.  This lecture seeks to explore this unique mokṣa granting power of this planet.

17:00 Andrew Foss: Rahu’s impact on the Special Nakshatras

In particular, we will study Rahu’s Impact on the 6th (Body), 15th  (Mind), and 24th  (Soul). This means examining the Natural Ardra, Swati and Satabhisaj as well as these nakshatras from Janma Lagna.