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lakshmi-saraswati2016 Financial Astrology Conference

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Thursday 14 April

Workshop and Puja. Pandit Samavedula. Lakshmi Sadhana – Participatory Lakshmi Puja and talk

Workshop – Komilla Sutton. Wealth, finances and Sade Sati

Friday 15 April

Workshop – Andrew Foss. Using the SarvatoBhadraChakra for finances.

Plenary Sanjay Rath. Jupiter as the Karaka of wealth

Ch.V. Ananth. Upachayas and Planets:Truth about Wealth-A Dharmic Approach

Keiko Ito. Dhana Yogas

Saturday 16 April

Bulbul Barrett. What’s stopping you from enjoying material wealth and remedies to overcome the blocks?

Ch.V. Ananth. Kubera mantras and other mantras for prosperity

Sanjay Rath. Sun as Primary Controller of Wealth

Sarbani Rath. The very auspicious Sri Lagna

Vijaya Subramanian. Chaturthamsa – D4 – Property and Inheritance

Komilla Sutton. Dhana and Labha Bhavas – wealth and income

Sunday 17 April

Plenary Session with all the Speakers – Brexit, ISIS and US election

Gordon Brennan. How to spot a financial disaster before it happens

Andrew Foss. AmatyaKaraka and career

Sarbani Rath. Srimanta – the Mark of Achievers

Barry Rosen. Trading and Investing from Your Chart: Using Transits, Dashas and Tarabala and Yogi Points

Geoffrey Pearce. Using the Symbolism of the Drekkanas

Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April Two Workshops with Sanjay Rath

Foundations of Financial Astrology Part 1 and 2

  • Critical bhavas for wealth in rasi (D1), navamsa (D9) and sastiamsa (D60).
  • Understanding the principles behind formation of dhana yogas, sthira-rasi and paṇapara.
  • Initiation of wealth and income; Role of Moon and Society.
    Some Dhana Yogas of BPHS.
  • Also Daridra Yoga; Understanding Kemadruma; People (relationship) as harbinger of fortune (wealth); Srimanta Yoga of Jaimini; Derivation of other dhana yoga from Srimanta Yoga.

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