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Theme 2014 BAVA Conference:  ‘Jupiter and Saturn in honor of their exaltations’

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Thursday 24 April

Workshop and Puja. Pandit Samavedula, Navagraha Participatory Puja with special focus on Jupiter and Saturn, come and be a part of this very special puja (with explanations)

Workshop Andrew Foss, Pacakadi Sambandha, the awakening of the grahas.

Friday 25 April

Workshop Komilla Sutton, Sade Sati – Saturn’s Intense and Defining Transit

Keynote address, Sanjay Rath, Jupiter & Saturn: The Jovian Years Demystified

The first approximation of Jupiterian transit in the zodiac gives 12 years while that for Saturn is 30 years. The lowest common multiple for these two figures is 60, which is the total period of the jovian cycle.

Let us study the jovian years keeping this cycle in mind, and the correction that it needs as this is an approximation. What is the implication of Jupiter and Saturn being in trikoṇa, kendra or such bhāva from each other?

Gordon Brennan, Will the UK break up?

Andrew Foss, The Arudhas of Jupiter and Saturn

Saturday 26 April

Bulbul, The solar-lunar technique of looking at the annual chart

Pandit Samavedula, Nakshatra mantras part 1

Plenary Sanjay Rath, Graha Yuddha, planetary war.

Definition of Yuddha (War) and Astāṅgata (Combustion). Longitude and Latitude wars. Types of Yuddha. Effects of Graha Yuddha (with Illustrations)

Sarbani Rath, Guru Kripa, the role of the grace of the Guru and Jupiter’s transit through Cancer

 Komilla Sutton, Jupiter and Saturn’s role as Bhava Karakas?

Geoffrey Pearce, Influences of Jupiter/Saturn Conjunctions in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Sunday 27 April

Pandit Samavedula, Nakshatra mantras part 2

Vijaya Subramanian, Avasthas: Special states of the planets

Komilla Sutton, 12th house: Vyaya or Moksha?

Sarbani Rath Saturn on the Arudha (this will be a discussion on Saturn’s transit on different houses from Arudha Lagna)

Andrew Foss, The mantras of the Grahas

Marianna Polonsky, Jupiter and Saturn in Relationships

Monday and Tuesday 28-29 April Workshops on Prasna with Sanjay Rath

Prashna (Answering queries) Special 2-day workshop.

Monday: Part-1: Praśna Basics

  • Things to be noted at query time
  •  Listing topics for Readings
  • The 22 Time personified evils
  • Muhurta and similar factors
  • Praśna Ārūḍha
  • Praśna Akṣara
  • Nimitta
  • Praśna Chart

Tuesday: Part-2: Praśna Application

  •  Pañca Sūtra
  •  Ārūḍha application
  • Answering Questions (Praśna)
  • Importance of personal sādhanā