2013 BAVA Conference to buy

Theme: ‘Rahu and Ketu, Understanding and Remedies through Jyotish, Mantra, Vaastu and Yantra’

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Friday, April 19

Workshop with Pandit Sharma Samavedula: ‘Understanding the Shri Chakra’

Saturday April 20

Andrew Foss: Opening ceremony, introduction of faculty

Andrew Foss, Bhrigu Bindus, the dynamic between the nodes and the grahas

Steve Hubball, Rahu and Ketu – Can they give Raja Yoga?

Pandit Samavedula, Rahu and Ketu mantras and other remedies

Niranjan Babu, Muhurta or time management

Komilla Sutton, Ketu dasha

Pieter Veltevrede, My life with Harish Johari

Sunday April 21

‘The Rahu Saturn conjunction in Libra’ plenary with faculty

Gordon Brennan, Rahu and Ketu Chakras – Predicting based on the Nakshatra positions

Keiko Ito, Rahu dasha

Komilla Sutton, Rahu and secrecy

Paul Barker, The Effect of Rahu/Ketu Axis in Mundane Astrology

Andrew Foss, Kala Sarpa and Kala Amrita Yoga

Niranjan Babu, Vastu and Navagrahas

Monday April 22

Workshop with Niranjan Babu, Vastu, birth chart and Gochara (transits)