2012 BAVA Conference to buy

Theme: Crisis of Materialism?

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Thursday, April 26  (workshops)

Komilla Sutton, Special Nakshatras of the Sun

Dr Andrew Foss, Special Nakshatras of the Moon

Friday, April 27

Workshop, Barry Rosen, Practical Techniques for Predicting Financial Markets, both Long and Short Term

Prof. Jaya Sekhar keynote address, Customising Gochara (transit). Effective use of Gochara rules.

Komilla Sutton, 2012, Rare Twin Transits of Venus, May Eclipse and the Mayan Calendar

Saturday April 28

Paul Barker, Chara Karakas and the Purusarthas: Spiritual Paths in a Material World

Dr Andrew Foss, Vedhas, How Nakshatras aspect

Edith Hathaway, Graha Yuddha: Reassessing its Importance in Birth Charts, Transits and JU-SA conjunction cycles

Pandit Samavedula, Understanding Lakshmi Puja

Gordon Brennan, Progressed Charts for the UK and near Future Prospects

Komilla Sutton, Aprakash Graha – Shadows of the Sun

Barry Rosen, Secrets of Short-term Timing in the Financial Markets: Being Precise to the Day and Part of the Day  (also online)

Vijaya Subramanian, The 12 Adityas and the soul of nations

Sunday April 29

‘Economic and spiritual crisis and opportunity’ plenary with faculty

Alex Lubenskis, Political Prospects for 2012

Dr Andrew Foss, Raja Yoga and Liberation

Barry Rosen, Financial Forecasts for the Years of Change 2012-2015

Edith Hathaway, Historical Context and Collective Destiny: Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction and Orbital Cycles

Prof. Jaya Sekhar, The Special uses of Sarvatobhadra Chakra

Monday April 30

Workshop with Prof. Jaya Sekhar Detecting and Managing Crises and Effective use of Remedies.