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BAVA 9th International Conference 2007

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This conference is available on Mp3 to download at £28 each. Each day is one Mp3.  All lectures are for 90 minutes.

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Thursday 19th April 2007 contains two workshops:

1) Dennis Flaherty: Saturn Lord of Truth and Consequences.

2) James Kelleher: Nimitta – The Use of Omens.

Friday 20th April 2007 contains one workshop and three lectures:

1) Andrew Foss: Kundalini

2) Vinay Aditya: Akshaya Trittiya

3) Pam Carruthers: Mars – Mystic Warrior and son of Earth.

4) Denis Laboure: Prashna, the art of answering a Question.

Saturday 21st April 2007 contains 7 lectures:

1) Vinay Aditya: A New Approach to Rahu and Ketu – Part 1 and 2

2) Lecture with James Kelleher: Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

3) Lecture with Geoffrey Pearce: Determining Mental Brilliance and Afficlitions.

4) Lecture with Komilla Sutton: Karmic Issues that Haunts us Now.

5) Lecture with Alex Lubenskis: Swara Yoga

6) Lecture with Andrew Foss: 2007 The year of Enlightenment.

7) Lecture with Gordon Brennan: Arudha Lagna – The Mirror of the Soul.

Sunday 22nd April 2007 contains four lectures and two plenary sessions:

1) Vinay Aditya: Lesser Known facets of Navamsa.

2) James Kelleher:Nakashatras

3) Komilla Sutton: Chaturthamsa (D4) and the search for Moksha.

4) Alex Lubenskis: Swara Shastra

5) James Kelleher: Look Ma, No Birth Time.

6) Plenary with Faculty Panel on Predictive Techniques – Interactive Discussion.

Monday 23rd April 2007 contains a one day workshop:

Workshop with Vinay Aditya: Secrets and Techniques of Ashtakavarga.