2006 BAVA Conference to buy

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This conference is available on Mp3 to download at £28. Each day is one Mp3. All lectures are for 90 minutes.

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Thursday 30th March 2006 contains two workshops:

1) Workshop with Drupada John Macdonald Vedic Astrology and the Chakras, a yogic approach to the birth chart.
2) Workshop with Jeffrey Armstrong, Recognising the Ayurvedic body-type from the Vedic chart.

Friday 31st March 2006 contains one workshop and two lectures:

1) Pandit Sanjay Rath, Jyotish as Sadhana (Spiritual practice)
2) Steve Hubball, Yogas of Power.
3) Andrew Foss, The Moods of the Planets – Avasthas: Lajjitadi and Shayanadi

Saturday 1st April 2006 contains six lectures and one plenary session:

1) Alexander Lubenskis, Prashna – a way to find an answer.
2) Geoffrey Pearce, Determining the Karma of Countries.
3) Plenary: Sanjay Rath, The Panchang.
4) Pam Carruthers, Saturn – Servility and Mastery.
5) Drupada, Dharma Cycles – The Yuga System of Swami Sri Yukteswar.
6) Jeffrey Armstrong, The art of counselling in reading the Vedic chart.
7) Mariella Cassar, Understanding one’s karmic relationship with one’s Mother using Parashara and Jaimini Techniques.

Sunday 2nd April 2006 contains four lectures and two plenary sessions:

1) Drupada, The Bhavas and the Four Aims of Life – a journey through the astrological houses.
2) Gordon Brennan, Vimshottari dasha, its rationale and use.
3) Komilla Sutton, Deities of the Tithis (lunar days) and how they influence the natal chart.
4) Alexander Lubenskis, Trimshamsa – a landmine map of your life!
5) Sarbani Sarkar, Nama Tattvas.
6) Jeffrey Armstrong, The Vedic Astrologer as Matchmaker.
7) Plenary: Faculty panel lead by Mariella Cassar and Steve Hubball – Interactive discussion.

Monday 3rd April 2006 contains a one day workshop:

Workshop with Sanjay Rath. Understanding the Secret Language of Drekkana.

5 Mp3’s Total £140

 To buy any of these recordings you need to be a member of BAVA.