2017 BAVA 19th International Conference


2017 Astrology Conference
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 27th April -2nd May 2017 London, UK.

The Workshops are with Pandit Samavedula, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss and Sanjay Rath

The Faculty of Esteemed Vedic Astrologers:-

Pdt Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Pdt Samavedula, Bill Sinclair, Keiko Ito, Bulbul Barrett, Vijaya Subramanian, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss, Julie Swietlik, Geoffrey Pearce, Gordon Brennan and Sonal Sachdeva.


Mandeville Place

Mandeville Place

Workshops on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday
The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place London W1U 8EA. Nearest tube station Baker Street.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Programme
11/13 Mandeville Place, London WIU 3AJ, UK. (nearest tube station Bond Street) Google Map

2017 BAVA Conference Programme

A  is for Advanced. B is for beginners.

Thursday 27 April at 50 Gloucester Place

10am-12:30pm – Workshop and Puja. Pandit Samavedula. Understanding the Dasha MahaVidyas and their Sadhana including participatory puja for Lalita Tripura Sundari.

This is a rare opportunity to learn and experience something of the most secret area of Jyotish spiritual practice and remedies, the heart of the Tantra. Pandit Samavedula is the inheritor of a long lineage expert in this area.

2pm-5pm Workshop – Komilla Sutton. Karma, the 10th House, Saturn, Dashamsha and Amatyakaraka: truly understanding what karma is about.

How to cope with the conflicts between the demands of the different aim that pressurise our life. We have to cope with the Mind and the Moon, and the dashas and transits that are being experienced. Each planet has a different focus and can take us in a different direction to what we truly want. The workshop explains how to adjust our expectations to these conflicting energies.

Friday 28 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

9:30am-12:30pm Workshop – Andrew Foss. The Dharma Trikona, the key to understanding human life and its transformations.

The Vimshottari Dasha is grounded in the natural flow of human life and helps us understand life’s major challenges in the light of the four aims of life. Each aim has its time when it becomes the priority. This workshop will explain this concept in depth.

2:15pm Opening of Conference

2:20pm Gordon Brennan. Latest books available at the BAVA Bookshop.

2:30pm Plenary Sanjay Rath. Graha Acchadana.

Even though lagnesa represents his wisdom, each graha defines a peculiar intelligence of the individual. And intelligence is a ‘lagna’. This is the principle used in some of the nadi books like Guru nadi or Sukra nadi where the pulse of the planet is seen the permeate through all bhava. We examine the acchadana of the six graha – their benediction.

4:30pm B Komilla Sutton. The importance of the 2nd house.

4:30pm A Sonal Sachdeva. The Pushkar Navamsas.

Certain navamshas are considered very auspicious. The talk will discuss these and the impact of benefics and malefics on these enriching degrees.

6:30pm Visit to Shri Vallabh Nidhi Temple (shared travel cost)

Saturday 29 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

9.00am Plenary Sarbani Rath. Vivaha Anubhava: The eighth house of mangalya sthana (experiences of marriage)

11.00pm Plenary Sanjay Rath. The rajas of Venus.

Our birth is caused by unbridled desired from a previous incarnation – and Venus is this desire. We examine the rajas of Venus and see how this desire manifests in various dasa-antara.

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm A Bulbul Barrett. Techniques for using the Purusharthas.

This talk illustrates how to read the chart from this unique perspective and how it can shed light on the lessons to be learnt and the challenges to be faced by the individual in this incarnation, with respect to dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

2.00pm B Pandit Samavedula. Remedies (Upayas) for Dashas and planetary transits.

This talk will explain what can be done to manage with difficult planetary periods and transits from an expert in this field.

4.00pm B Andrew Foss. Bondage and liberation.

Bondage can arise in multiple locations but the Moksha houses are key to both that which restricts us and that which frees us.

4.00pm A Vijaya Subramanian. What is my Being or What is my Dharma ?

A look at the trines to the 9th house to see how intrinsic nature and intelligence can affect quality of life of a person and the importance of Dharma Karamadhipathi Yoga.

6pm Shri Jyoti Software Presentation with Andrew Foss.

An opportunity to get the latest tips and tricks for using the world’s premier Vedic Astrology software, Shri Jyoti Star (vedicsoftware.com)

7.15pm Dinner

Sunday 30 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

9am Faculty panel plenary. 2017 Eclipses and other topical issues

11.00am B Three Ramas: Unlocking the inner planets

Parashara gives the avatars for Sun, Mercury and Venus as Rama, Balarama and Parasurama respectively. The lives of the three Ramas reveal the personality of the planets illuminating Dharma, Artha and Kama in the astrological chart. Their progress through the zodiac delineates the seasons in nature and in our lives as well. The talk will examine their influence in the charts of well-known personalities.

11.00am A Keiko Ito. Understanding the Kama archetype in the light of the 3rd house.

Sahaja Bhava, third house is a complex house. What does this house mean and what are the positive and negative use of this house? Through example charts, we will see the positive and negative manifestations of this Kama House and the remedial measures we can apply to balance the desire energy in the chart.

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm B Sarbani Rath. Prarabdha Diksha: Carrying forward spiritual initiations from a past life.

2.00pm A Julie Swietlik. Palmistry and the four aims of life.

4.00pmGeoffrey Pearce. Moksha houses, 4, 8 and 12.

The way planets, nakshatras and Parivraja yogas combine with the three houses of Moksha to indicate spiritual inclinations will be covered and illustrated with relevant charts.

4.00pmGordon Brennan. Dharma, Numerology and the Perfection of Number Nine.

The 9 planets, the 9th house, the navamsa or dharmamsa and various forms of numerology all reflect the perfection of number 9.  In the body there are said to be 9 doors. Nine is a number of completion, of good fortune.  The talk will show Dharma through the number 9.

Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd May
Two Day Workshop with Sanjay Rath at 50 Gloucester Place

10am-5.00pm Sanjay Rath. Navamsha and Purusartha

Dharma (agni), artha (prthvi), kama (vayu) and moksha (jala) in the nakshatra pada forms the impulse of the manas (mind). These are also the navamsa that form the nine blocks that build a rasi or three blocks that build a drekkana. The yuga rasi are formed from dominant tattva of these nakshatra pada and define the karma as well as natural age associated with each purusartha.

We examine – Purusartha as Jyotisha Foundation; Definition and Bhāva; Navamsa as dharma amsa; Role of charakaraka in purusartha and various other related concepts.

Comprehensive Vedic Bookshop by Gordon Brennan

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